Thursday, 30 January 2003

30 - letter to Hogan Howe 4-3-14 -all so( 2-1-08-1528)

hear we are again, at the moment I am lost for words at the stupidity  of your work force, may be I will have more luck with you ( not holding my breath) ever time they target me they are giving me more evidence against themselves and you, you wanted to be know as the boss as such you will take the can for this, take a day off playing golf and use the mat in front of your desk to explain to them that they have to stop, you might like to arrange a day in a prison cell so they can get the feel for it,

                                                                                4-3-14- 0008

the womn on duty was complaining that i was still awake when I go to sleep they wake me up when I can not sleep they still complain

4-3-14- 0631

they woke me with pain to my head

and hear is one from 08
2-1-08 1528

they were targeting my back


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