Saturday, 12 April 2003

107 letter to Hogan Howe about responsibility and faceless men

the officer who follow me do not put on a uniform so they can be identified,  they wear plain clothes  so they can not be recognised. so they can go about the filth business of torture 
 they believe they are special and have been chosen because they have gifts that are unique,
they are not special and do not have gifts that give them kudos as they seam  to think
prison are full of violent men and women who blame someone else for there predicament they like the officer who are targeting me they take no 
for there action

They believe because they are doing this under what they think is the protection of the Metropolitan police they are untouchable but I believe that times  are changing and one day they will have to answer for what they have done and  I was following order will not save them

Today they targeted me evertime I went up and down my sister stairs each time turning up they pain a little more , then when I get real pissed off and they are afraid of what I might post they blame the faceless person who gives them orders

but we know who they are
  the three people below are responsibly for what the Metropolitan police
not faceless at all
what we do not know yet is just how far up the chain of office it goes

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