Saturday, 1 February 2003

32 letter to Hogan Howe 6-3-14 all so (2-1-08- 0302)

     very little sleep  again and was woken up to extreme pain to my head so have not been up long, the woman on duty said she was causing me pain so i could not go shopping for honey
one of the office said to day that if he did not tell himself that I was putting on the amount of pain i was feeling he could not carry on
                                                                             6-3-14  2305
                  just got in to bed  you can see they are targeting my head you can see by the light


                                     I am saying in the video that they are targeting my  back and chest


made a cup of tea

6-3-14- 0259
woken up again

woken again

extreme pain to head


                                                                            2-1-08 -0302




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