Sunday, 2 February 2003

33 letter to Hogan Howe 7-2-14 x drones

Hi Bernard I hope you are enjoying my letter to you, some are better then others but at least you no that the dopes you have employed are doing there job, you notice I  did not say the job the job they should be payed for doing, how much do they earn for what they are doing quite a bit with over time after all it is not as thought they are working hard physically is it,  what do they do look at a screen and decide what part of my body to target - I have been looking at drones and my guess is that it works in the same way

this is war by remote control 

these two video show how easy it is to target people from a long way off and how the target becomes a video game, the weapons the Metropolitan police use can be operated the same way, in deed in the Patten report 69 and 70 the question is ask


7-3-14-  0015
just go in to bed

woken by pain to head

7-3-14- 0336-
 woken again

7-3-14- 0358
making me itch to keep me awake

i took the pic belowe with my other phone the rash you see is caused by the itch
the rash under my boobs is very diffrent 

i ue this net to rub my legs with when they are making me itch

7-3-14- 0505
talking about my rash

going out 


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