Thursday, 23 January 2003

23 Letter to Hogan Howe 25-2-14 all so ( 2-1-08) day two start hear ok

25-2-14- 2251
last night they woke me at 0109- 0333
the pain was not as bad but have been out shopping and the pain they caused to my knees was real bad 
TIME 18-46 the man on duty has been targeting my eye all afternoon, he said to ever is on duty with him that I had not taken a photo, I do not always take a pic because when they are real bad and I have a burst blood vessel they sound proud of what they have done, he sounds to be enjoy himself, and has just said he will not be dictated to by me, what I would like to no is how he believes I am in a position to that as I am the one who is been targeted 24/7 

the video below was made in 2008 new years day is in letter to Hogan Howe 

2-1-08  0137

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