Friday, 24 January 2003

24 - letter to Hogan Howe 26-2-2014 all so (2-1-08-0220)

25-2-14 -2329 just got in to bed they woke me at 0330-0550 for no good reason then they can and they target my eye at this time because it dose more damage because the pupils are open

this is how my leg look to day they are sore and there is a very small wound on it, they no this but it has not stopped the man on duty targeting them with an itch, when he was told he could not do that he wanted to no what he could then and as there was no answer he has carried on

the man on duty has said if he can not target my leg then he will have to target my eye and is doing so

these are from the Patten report 69 and 70
they were over seen by this man he is now with the BBC 

it feels like a pin been stuck in your eye all of the time

this is a video from 2008 -0220
they had spent days targeting my mouth at this stage 

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