Monday, 17 February 2003

48 letter to Hogan Howe all so (3-1-08-2015) question asked what have you achieved

they are targeting my eye's and this morning they woke me with pain to my hip, 
the one thing this blog proves unless you are real unlucky that there weapons are a wast of money and you can survive them , 
so if you are a protester you do not be afraid I have read this week that the fool known as Boris Johnson is going to use water canon against the protester and they have microwave weapons as well, no amount of padding stops it, if you have a pacemaker how it will affect you I do not know

13-09 the woman on duty said to ever is on duty with her that I have no respect form them, this is true how can I have respect for paid thugs of the government which is what they are 

they have been targeting my eye all morning when they do this I ask them one question 'if you were stood before a jury and were ask (1) what did you achieve by torturing this woman what would you say (2) why did you start and why id you not have a cut off date (3) was your cut of date her death
13-57- the man on duty asked the woman on duty why I was using the slow cooker instead of the cooker, and he said' because we burn ever thing because we thought it would break her' they burn ever thing and I do mean ever thing,I had taken a meal out of the freezer that I had cooked and just need to be warmed, if I have any left over food I put it in a tin foil dish as I hate wast,   I was thing about this the other day and decide that what they have stopped me cooking was bad for me any way because I love puddings, and because they o not let me walk to far it can only be good for me 

they have targeted my eyes all day they are sore and blood shot, I have asked them what they get out of it and there is no reply



3-1-08- 2015

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