Tuesday, 18 February 2003

49 letter to hogan Howe - violent act by men of 40 in the middle of the night

time 02043 the man on duty has said he has finished pussy footing around with me, wonder what that means, from the second I got in to bed they have made my leg itch, you can not stop your self from scratching and if you could peel the skin from your leg you would, it is one of the most spiteful thing they do and it serves know purpose other then it is away for them to for fill there need to commit a violent act, 
I wonder what there wives and mother will think of them if they ever know the truth about what they do when they are on duty, these officer lie to there families ever time they leave home, they can not tell them the truth and allow them to think they are going to do an honest day work, to-day one of the woman on duty said I had no  respect from them this is the only true thing they have said, until this happened to me I id have respect for the police and would have defend them, It has come as a shock to me at my age to find out that not only are the police corrupt but the whole of the Justice system is as well, I am 68 soon and sadly I will not live long enough to have my faith restored, but what dose give me faith is that people are taking to the street and are willing to fight for there rights because Anonymous, I started following them because I got a few message from someone called anonymous and when I saw a video that anonymous I thought it was him, and posted it on my facebook because he had been kind to me, did not know then that there were lot of them and thank god that they are because they are they only ones who seam  to be fight for the 99% and I find it a comfort that they are,

like them I do not forgive
I do not forget 
expect me to fight on
and the good news is I real do have a good memory I have memories from when I was two and you bombarding me with microwave and targeting my head has not lost me one memory, 
one of them said that when they stop I will forget the pain because it was like child birth, I will not forget what the pain feel like nore will I forget the dump arses thing they have said or the face of the people who have followed me, some I have told face to face that if I see them again I will hit them and believe me if I do I will not take a caution to let you of the hook so if I were you Hogan Howe I would fine a way to rain these idiots in,

24-3-14- 0028

24-3-14- 0159

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