Wednesday, 19 February 2003

50 letter to Hogan Howe 25-3-14 al so (3-1-08) hobbling

yesterday I stayed in bed until about 8pm I had no sleep the the night before and they spent all day targeting me and my food, I cooked some fish in my Halogen cooker and it takes about 30 mins I put it on for 20 and it was burned the officer on duty have said they intend to burn ever thing I cook until I give in, so I have decide this could be a good time to try and lose some weight as I am now well over weight, the reason for this is because I do not get an exercise because of the pain they cause me when I walk, they keep saying the pain should not effect me because it is not real, the pain may be manufactured but the results are the same after all what would be the point of them having a weapon that caused you pain but allowed you to walk as thought you were not in pain, pointless I would have thought

it was a long time ago when one of them targeted my ankle that one of the office said that what  he was doing to me was the modern day equivalent of hobbling and he went to to say that they use to cut the back of the ankle of black slaves in the USA to stop them running,  when they o it it feel like an electric shock and make your leg give way,

                                            my eye yesterday after they had been targeting them


25-3-14- 0419

I do not understand  where the light is coming from in the pic below




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