Saturday, 1 March 2003

61 letter to Hogan Howe 8-4-14

what happened on the 6th,I went to bed on Sunday at about 10-30ish, My neighbours husband has died and she had filled up her dustbin and mine with stuff so decide the best thing to do was take it to the tip so we could free up the bins as they do not come for another two weeks, I had been to y sister on Saturday and said the bin was full, when I came home I knocked on my neighbours door to say I thought some one was using our bins and she told me about her husband, I phoned my sister and told her and said I would ask my neighbour if she would like me to take it to the tip foe her as she dose not have a car, this was what I was going to do yesterday so they decide to cause me pain to  my head to stop me, they then said they would let me do but could not take my neighbours or I would be punished, I have take mine and her and will suffer the consequence what ever they are , 
the thing is as they targeted me all of  the time I can not tell the difference most of the time between there useally and punishment 
all I wanted to do was a kindness 

pic of my head when been targeted 




when yo look at the video you can see my hair moving on the right side it is caused by there weapons 


                                      I do not know what has caused the shape in the pic below

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