Friday, 28 February 2003

137 letter to Hogan Howe have not need a walking stick this morning

they have reduced the pain and this morning I made the bed without the use of a walking stick -there problem is that with cellulite once the infection goes the pain goes - and I should not have been having pain there in the first place because only pregnant woman get when the baby lays on nerves have post about it 
I only know about it because I knew someone it happened to 

woken up to pain to my head


and what were they doing targeting my head wonder I have a thought left

when they were targeting my leg with this white stuff which they used to hide the open soars they were causing they gave up in the end as they will do to the pain to my groin because it achieves nothing once they realise I will not give in to the pain been caused 
what have they learnt nothing so far because if they had they would not be still causing me pain would they

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