Tuesday, 4 March 2003

64 letter to Hogan Howe 12-4-14 al so ( 4-1-08-

yesterday I did not post because I went to my sister early in the morning and did not get back till late so left it,
            12-4-14-  because I ave not been going to bed til late I have only made one video, there is not enough time for  them to keep waking me and  the one night they tried by causing pain to my head I could not come around because I went in to a deep sleep as I was worn out, I have not stayed back up deliberate I just forgot the time when  was doing a jigsaw puzzle

they have been targeting my eye for the last hour
Hogan Howe you need to explain to  your office ever time the target me they are making more evidence against themselves and one day they will have to answer for what they have done and you as the Commander will so have to answer for not bring this to an end when you were appointed 

they had kept me awake all night with pain to my face and noise you can hear it in the back ground I have lived with that noise since 2006, how I learnt to live with was through the radio, I brought 2 radios small one and had one on classic Fm and the other on radio 4 which I like, at first I had them on real high and there noise blended in with the classical music and little by little I turned it down until I was left with there noise, it did not happen over night and can not remember how long it took, some of it deepened how I felt on any given night, it dose not bother me now, in fact I have got so use to it I use it as a way of getting to sleep  



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