Sunday, 9 March 2003

71 - Letter to the government about The 99% and the failure of the 1% - 21-4-14-

                                     I am not made of chine there for can not be broken by pain

I am working class and proud of it - this country was made by the working class and not the 1% 

and sending the paid thugs of the 1% will not bring me down

at the moment you  think you have the power but we the working class are gathering power and coming together and we will reclaim our rights 
this government days are numbered 

they have caused pain to my back and legs since yesterday the pain in my back is going through me and  bring me down my mood as pain dose, there are no pills to take as it would be pointless - if you are a targeted person and are peeing do not take pain killer or anti - inflammatory  they will not get rid of the pain and they will do you harm, what they do is at first let you think they are working then the time becomes short between each pill, in the mean time you are becoming dependent on them I have not taken any painkiller since 2004 and it was only now and again as I have never been a pill taker, believing that pain is a warning sing and must not be ignored 


21-4-14 -0318

what has caused this bright white light I do not know 



this pic looks down on my bed - I believe in colour therapy and the healing power of the mind
I think by concentrating on a colour that it release endorphins that work as a natural pain kill - I use the first colour that pops in to my head 

6-1-08- o647

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