Monday, 10 March 2003

72 Letter to Hogan Howe who 22-4-14 Pauling Quirke and Huge Grant

I bet you missed my letter to you yesterday Bernard, hope it did not spoil your day to much, I know you all seek the kudos of fame,
I have so many videos because they were so arrogant that they thought that I would never find away of making what they have done to me public, they started targeting me in 2004 and and  networking like facebook was in its infancy and twitter 2006 I did not get a laptop that was on the Internet till until 2009 and they thought I was to stupid to ever get on let alone blog, the would try and out do each other on how many videos they could make me do each day, and when I first put it on youtube they thought it was a giggle and one of the office wanted Huge Grant to play him and decide that Pauline Quirke could play me


                                                      I did some thing wrong when I did this video




6-1-08- 0109

you can just see a projectile going in to my mouth


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