Sunday, 10 March 2002

70 Letter to Hogan Howe

19-20 I have been to my sister foe the day and they targeted me all the time I was there, they make me feel hevery then I am they all so targeted my legs and back and tummy so that when I had my dinner it was uncomfortable  then when I am setting off for home they tell each other they should be good and hope that by the time I have taken a ten min drive I will have forgotten - I can remember back to when I was two they have know change of me forgetting any thing 

the woman on duty has been targeting my eye for the last hour the man on duty told her they were not doing that any more but she has not stopped dose this mean she out ranks him so his voice is powerless

I can not tell you how painful it is when they target my knee even when they think they have turned it down it is painful my knees are very swollen and I have dad operation on my left knee it is only glued together and when they are not targeting it there is no pain as the doctor who performed the operating at Hillingdon promised 
the scars on my right knee have nothing to do with them or operations when I was a child we by we I mean me and my brother and sister were playing in a field and we ran down the hill and I ran in to barbwire and it stuck in my leg and I had to get it out, I did not have stitches my mum looked after it,  
the colour at the bottom of my leg is caused by them burn them all of the time 


the light mark is power from there weapons


when they woke me up the were making me hot 

5-1-08- 2125

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