Wednesday, 12 March 2003

74 letter to Hogan Howe - 24-4-14

what there Dr Freud  told them that if they said they were targeting me because they were on my side I would except it better, this dose not make sense to me, one the one hand they are saying they are targeting me to make me delete my blog and bring me down, and one the other hand they are saying they want me to get use to it,
 when this started back in 2006 they told me I had to get use to  it because they were for life, this I have done that is why what they are doing is pointless, I have never made real demands on me,  There pain has been used to see the effect on someone while going about there daily life and how and what effects it would have on there health both physically and mentally,  I have lived for 10 so far been targeted and I am ok, because I have learnt to live with it dose not mean I do want it to stop because I do and would love to see the men and woman and the whole of the metropolitan police brought to book over this, 


I made one video straight after the other

24-4-14- 0025




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