Saturday, 15 March 2003

76 Letter to Hogan Howe my legs and how long

I have found a way of sorting out my videos this one is from 07 and it shows how long they have been targeting my legs for - at the moment they are real sore as in red raw, they keep telling me to put cream on them to make them better - cream will not do any good the only way they will get better is if they leave them a lone - when they make them itch they cause pin pricks of blood, my rule is I never scratch them with my nail I use a bit of net it cause less damage - at the moment they keep saying they want me to take ever thing down but when I have before they have got worse, this morning they woke me with pain to my head and keep on till just before midday

                                                                        2-1-07- 2258

the dry skin is caused by what they call heat treatment when they do it feel like a burn from the oven

the stuff of my heels is a white stuff and the only way to get it off is with a nail file and my legs are to sore for that 
these photo's do not do Justice to the real state of my legs 


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