Wednesday, 2 April 2003

97 Letter to Howe Howe and pc421xh - 18-5-14- 0135,

it is -1-46 and as of yet I have had know sleep they cause me extreme pain to keep me awake, they do this ever night -they think if they do this they will cause me to have a break down, it will not work 
the office of the Metropolitan should be ashamed of what they are doing, while I have been doing this they have not said one word or caused me pain, because now they are feeling good about themselves because they think they have the kudos they deserve 


 the bitch on duty targeted my bottom with extreme pain until I got out of bed to do this posting because she want to make a name for her self, they think they are untouchable because some fool saw they could be used to for fill any command given as long as they could indulge the violent side of there nature, I wonder if there is ant member of the Metropolitan police who is not a psychopath , the  other thing that has been said is that they are safe because  who do you complain about the police to when ever knows the the IPCC are in there pockets

The WPC in the Metropolitan police uk think that this hat gives them kudos and the right to do as they please it dose not, 

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