Tuesday, 1 April 2003

96 LETTER TO Hogan Howe my back 17-5-14- allso 10-1-08 been targted in the car )

the officer on duty know they have caused the blood vessels to burst and some have pretended to be concerned and have Wonder what would happen if I woke up and could not move, and they say they never meant it to go  this far and they did not realise that they would do this much damage yet they do not stop, some of the thing they say it to make me believe that they are sorry or they may stop. I have not believed they would ever stop since I took them to court in 2007 when one of them said ' we have been given cart blanch to do with her what we want for the rest of her life she had better get use to it'  I have got use to it  - what they did not realise that when they gave me a life sentence  they were giving themselves one as well, some office are very worried about how this will end up, and feel as though they are been sold down the river, they have lost confidence it there management team, I will go as far as to say some were worried in 2004 and seeing solicitors
in 2007 I made out one of them was giving me information and I called him Free Radical  I got the name off a margarine add on the TV and thought him I would repeat what I had heard days later sometime even longer, so they would not know who had said or they could not work out who he was, I owe none of them any thing and what I say I have heard could have been days ago or hours ago, 
they spent a lot of time and money looking for him
who is Radical all of them because they have all said thing from time to time in there effort to drive me mad with there endless chatter they have forgotten from time to time that I can hear bless them 

yester theytargeted my bum with what felt like someone pinching it with a bulldog clip
below are pic of my back 

                                              the mark going down is caused by there weapons

below is a pic of the above cleaned up




10-1-08- 1003
in the car

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