Wednesday, 26 March 2003

89- Letter to Hogan Howe 10-5-14 your office are snivelling cowards

I have hit one of your office in the past and you had to let me of with a caution when I protested out side the Nation wide in Huddersfield the one I call Paul was there and I could have brought him down as well, If I see any of your office be man or woman I will and you have my word on it will punch them has hard as I can, I three of your woman in Staples in Huddersfield I did not want to see them again and I have not, my I suggest that you retrain these B,s on how not look so conspicuous, who ever trained this bunch of no cowards was not as good as the person who trained me, bad luck you -- Hogan Howe your men say that ever thing I do enhance there and your reputation if you want to be known as as cowards and bullies tortuous rapist all well and good I am happy to help you achieve your goal.

I told Ps Patterson Commander Toland ( Uxbridge Police station 2004 ) personal assist in 2004 not to take me that you truly did not know what you were getting, for an easy life I would take on who ever you think is your worst enemy - so that will be that fool Boris Johnson then

                  what they are trying to do is cause sore like did before which they took pride in doing        



10-5-14- 0111




                                  in this video i am explaining about the pain and how it feel


I do not forgive 
I do not forget
expect me to fight on 

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