Wednesday, 26 March 2003

90 Letter to Hogan Howe 11-5-14-all so (9-1-08- 9-1-08)


the woman on duty was targeting me between my legs what she said was' she has taken down the posting saying we are rapist so we target her there again' this is what happens when I take anything down they see it has a win and then do it all over again only worse


11-5-14- 0339

9-1-08- 2248

you can not see any of the effects there weapons make  with your naked eye and I don't think they realised at the time that a Mobile phone could them up. nor did I started to make video of what was happering to me because I found it assayer then writing it down, I can not spell as ant one looking at this blog will no. when I did start making video they were delighted, they all so believed no one would ever see them

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