Friday, 25 April 2003

119 Letter to Hogan Howe 2-6-14- why are they making excuse (all so 13-1-08)

the office on duty at 11-30 are causing me pain to my forehead to try and stop me from blogging the pain is from my hair line to just above my eyes it is effecting my eyes and making it uncomfortable to my my glass on, it is all so effecting my eye sight 
I went to the bank to get the money for my MOT the car should pass fingers x 
when they target my kness they say they are testing the level of pain they can cause because they need to find a place they can cause me pain for the rest of my life they have said this every time I have been out foe week the same old excuse for targeting me, when I get a shower in the morning they target my back and say we do this because we all ways do, I all ways ask them what they feel they have gained by doing it , there is no answer from them because they gain nothing except how it make them feel personally, 





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