Monday, 5 May 2003

130 letter to Hogan Howe comfort food and why

whatever your comfort food is when you are living as I am you need it, mine is soup and stew, they burn everything I put in the oven so use my slow cooker all of the time in fact I have two of them a large one and a small one , the butty of making a stew or soup is you can never make a small enough amount for one days eating so you always end up freezing some I use the large yogurt pot for mine, all so you need to keep bread in the freeze,  On the days when some bright spark thinks he will try and bring me down and they keep me in bed with pain I have a meal ready they try and choose a time when they think I have run out of food, up to date they have never caught me out, if you have a chicken leg and a jar of sauce and some rice you have a meal, yesterday I  made the soup below because I was going to have smoked haddock for my tea anyway, them saw I the soup below been made on the TV it is real good and easy to make, all you need is fish onion and a potato and I had a bowl of comfort- the recipe is in the letter to Howe Howe, what have they stopped me doing with the cooker making cakes and pies, when I go to my sister for a meal I all ways take the pud now I make it they cook it, 
what ever they have thrown at me I have found away around it and all ways will so my advice is keep your larder full and remember you are better then the people who are abusing you in every way shape and form for we are the 99% and they are the paid thugs of the 1% 
what ever they saw in us that they thought they saw in me that made them think I would lay down and die was not there, 





they have been saying they have been targeting my head when I have been asleep to find out my secrets what they mean is they want to know if I have done anything they can blackmail me with - there is nothing they themselves had to give me a police clearance check and pass it


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