Tuesday, 6 May 2003

131 letter to Hogan Howe this is about MURDER 9-6-14-1021

last night was no different to any other might, this morning on the other hand was, I am looking after my sister dog and went to put the washing out, they targeted my hart to the point I thought I was going to faint, I had to take large gulps of breath and was extremely distressed, the officer on duty side he did because he wanted to see what they had done to me last Tuesday, In a way I can understand that after all he would have to take the word of a fellow office and as we no the Metropolitan police are all lies, my advise to anyone who has to deal with them is to keep your back against the wall that way it will be hard for them to stab you in it.
when I am found dead I wonder what people will make of it and what my hart will look like after all it has been through, they may have found away to murder someone with leaving any evidence of there wrong doing 

will my hart look like this or will they find something never seen before 

they were all so  targeting my hart as well

my poor fat old body will be a 

all of the weapons they use leaves some kind of deposit on your body 

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