Wednesday, 7 May 2003

132 Hogan Howe 10-6-14- still breathing bad luck

the office on duty yesterday targeted my hart all day as well as my knees they then decide to target my eye because they said that way I would have something to post and would not say they had been targeting my hart, 


16-1-08 0923

I took them to court to try and put this to a stop, I never wanted there money all I ever wanted was to get it in to court they knew this and tortured me in to saying I would not go in to court then when they thought they had won they turned up they pain even more

my hair look like this because they have a projectile that grabs you hair and twist it causing pain as it get tighter 

my hart 
the item of clothing is a girdle I have put it in the inside because that is how it feel when they target my hart as though some thing is squeezing it, you have to push against the force of there weapon and by the end of the day you are worn out, 

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