Friday, 9 May 2003

134 Letter to Hogan Howe 12-6-14- stage 3 of a growth and the remarkable 99%

I went to bed at 10pm but the video will not let me in,
I am looking after my sister dog this week and a friend of my mum call in to see me,  her husband is very ill and in comparison with him I am luck, he has a growth in his chest and it was at stage 3 when they found it he told me how it has effected his breathing what he side about how it feel is a lot like how there weapon make me feel only in my case there is no growth, who ever made these weapon wanted them to feel like a real illness so that when you go to the doctors and they find nothing you look as though you are making it up and are regard as unbalanced that thought had never crossed my mind. but you would only know how this feel if you have been through it, my mum friend will remember talking to me, she keep a detailed diary ever day 

when they target my chest they do it between my breast and it effect all of my organs 


12-6-14- 0219


the office on duty said last night that I had lead an remarkable life, most of us lead unremarkable lives, all most people want is a job that gives us enough money to keep body and soul together and if the 99% manage to do this in the present climate that makes us all remarkable, never have so many government manged to alienate so many people world wide at the same time, 
the wealth of countries are still and have all ways been built on the backs of the working class and when they government get it wrong we are the one who are told we must cut back while they still live the high life, 
ever member of the 99% is remarkable
the other thing is about my unremarkable life is they have to admit that I have not done anything wrong that must be upsetting foe them, they will not be able to blackmail me will they

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