Saturday, 10 May 2003

135 Letter to Hogan Howe 13-6-14- please answer my question

Hogan Howe how much money were you given to carry out the use of  so called non lethal weapons as part of the Paten report and how much more have you been given, 
look at the Paten report 69 and 70 they tell you all you need to know about the Metropolitan police and weapons, well not quite ever thing because they do not tell you how they tested them, but of cause that bit of research is not over for the people they are testing them on 


the light is above my head

this is coming from the side 

my bust yesterday 
I use my phone to take all my photos 
they were use what felt like a knife cutting in to my skin for an hour or more when I took a pic this is what I found, my bra is not tight and could not have caused this and had it been tight I would have undone it as soon as I felt it, the truth of the matter is these days I dress for comfort so do not put any thing tight on to start with,

laser  weapons 
I have post report on them on this blog 
I know they have reduced the size of them to nano size and keep looking for more reports on them
I am not saying this weapon was used on me what I am saying is that one like it might have been used on me.

as you can see from my bra there is no blood on it and so I have confused about this and am wondering if there weapons cut and courtiers at the same time. had I done this my self there would have been blood ever wear, when they caused sore on my legs how ever deep they went there was no blood or ever little compared with the wound my problem was as is now the stuff they use to cover up the injuries they cause 

I have a pan zoom thing on my phone and can go get a close up of what ever part of my pic I want and this is how I got the below pic 

one day they will do this and cause internal bleeding and that will be that 

had I done this my self I would have need a stitch or two

this is how it looks to day,
have put some Savlon on it jsut in case of infection, last night I used antiseptic wet whips as I was at my sister and did not have my first aid lit with me - my tummy is swollen because they keep targeting me there and there  weapons cause you to swell 

the pic below are of the upper part of my bust of my bust 
I have found the z mark on other part of my body one of Hogan Howe office is trying to brand me 

my knee and leg yesterday

below is a close up of the line above when you are been targeted the one thing you need to do is get to know your body, take pics and keep them look for mark and lumps feel ever part of you body with your hand get to know your body 
take pic of ever part of your body and I do mean ever part, remember these pic are your evidence take skin samples and keep them  safe date and time them, there weapons leave stuff on your body,  

they use the white stuff to cover the real injuries they cause this is what you must keep it is easy to remove I use a nail file which is the only way I have found to remove, get a coloured bit of paper so you can see it and 

burst blood vessels 

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