Thursday, 15 May 2003

140 letter to Hogan Howe this about the weapons you use and how they effect the lay of skin,

I think there weapons target sensory nerve ending so they leave no evidence that can be seen to the naked eye, as you get older your skin becomes frail and the effects of what there weapons do take a great total on your body 

Barry  Towers
this man worked for the government and know all about these weapons form the thread to the needle 
   pain with injury only if it is used for one second on you when it is used day after day then it will effect your body these weapons were invented to keep crowds under control and not to be used on people who have complained about the police

Daily Mail 18-September  2007

                                        below is a pic of a bruise you can not see anything like this on me

below is the hand of an old person she will bruise at the slights touch- I once look after a lady and grabbed her to stop her falling and she came out in a bruise like you have never seen it was a good job she could tell  people what had happened, had she fallen it would have been worse as she had not long had a new hip

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