Thursday, 15 May 2003

140 letter to Hogan Howe rules of engagement


truth is king 

when you are been targeted you need to set yourself rules and stick to them at all coast-
when they first started to target me they would say that if I go up they would stop the pain, they never did - and I refused to get up anyway but when I was working I had to get up to look after the person I was with so I would set my alarm clock and would only get up when it had gone off- this allowed me to keep control in a kind of way- and for some reason they thought they were training me - when I was at home I still set the clock and would stay in bed until they had stopped even if I lay there until midday and beyond - because I stuck to my guns they have never asked me to do any thing other then take down my blog - they are still trying to get me out of bed on command and I still get up when I want, 
the other thing they did from the start was to prove they were lies 
The first time they said they would stop the pain if I got out of bed they should have stopped because when this fist started I would have done as they ask may be- 
one of the men on duty with in the last few weeks said 'train her it is like dealing with a rabid pitbull' and another has said I should have come with a government health warning 
you just get the feeling they are not happy at the moment
when this started I told them not to take me on because they did not know what they were getting
they should have listened because
  I  do not forgive 
I do not forget 
expect me to fight on 



  1. This is all insanity none of what you write makes any sense. You are not being targeted with what sounds like sci fi technology by the police force. Please seek medical help.

  2. thank you for your concern but I do not need any kind of medical help-the Metropolitan police have already tried that and had you looked at my blog in depth you will have seen that I discharged myself- and when I took a phone to be analysed it came back in a metropolitan police evidence bag had you look at my blog as you say you have you would understand that I am telling the truth - all so the Metropolitan police having made the mistake of having me sectioned then had to contribute to my police check when I went back to work - I worked until 2011 - I can not make you believe me and to be honest that is not what my blog is about it is about passing on information that might help other people who all so been targeted - you need to look at the bottom of my list and read other people blogs- please do not leave any more comments unless you can point to something you can disprove - when you have looked in to the whole situation of targeted individual and non-lethal weapons please comment again - and if you find ant weapons that I have not please post them as it is hard finding them and I am not to good at it - love and peace friend