Friday, 16 May 2003

141 letter to Hogan Howe about the solicitor 15-1-08



this is my phone I take all my photos with this one 

then blue tooth them to this one to put on my lap top because the other phone will not talk to my laptop the phone below never goes out I would be lost with out it 

about the solicitor
I went and he he told me there was nothing he could do for me,
the moment I walk into the office I knew the police had been the receptionist were different towards me
I had to go up some stair and the man I was seeing was in the room straight in front of the stairs I had left him all of my paper work, there was an office to the left of me and the door was open there was a policeman in there who I had seen before, I was him in Bakewell when I took a lady I was looking after to the dentist,  he had short on and he real should not, he has a beer gut and what a would call a hard chest dark hair short I would know this man again, 
remembering this has made me want to cry

this is the solicitors I went to and I choose them because they said they acted against the police 

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