Tuesday, 27 May 2003

151 Letter to Hogan Howe blue there is a blue projectile in 0249 -29-6-14-

I went to bed at 7-45ish and made a video but because I was feeling so ill must not have saved it, what I said in was that I was feeling ill and I had been to my sisters and they had targeted my tummy and had to run for the loo, when I got home they targeted my hart and the top of my my until I was so uncomfortable I had to lay down 
2pm I have been to my sister for coffee and done some shopping, they targeted the top of  my right leg all the time and the knee on my other leg, and still are, I wonder what they think they have achieved by doing it, they think they are embracing me in public, so I walk in a funny way to overcome the pain, the point is I am not giving in to it I have the shopping that makes me the winner,




you can see the light above my bed 

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