Saturday, 24 January 2004

201 Letter to Hogan Howe 3-6-14- pain caused to the point of fainting,

I have been to-day to have my car MOT and it passed first time, I forgot to take my phone so could not phone for a taxi and had to walk to the end of the road to stop one, they targeted me so much I thought I would faint with the pain. The taxi driver who stopped should not have but could see I was in trouble and ask his firm which is  Mount cars to send someone and told them I was standing outside a pub called the post office I stood there for some time and then they started on my back ,  the office on duty carried on targeting me and I felt as though I would sink to the ground so walk along a bit more to a cafe and ask them to phone Mount cars again and tell them I was sitting outside there cafe and they brought me a coffee while I waited and were kind and helpful, what did they achieve by this nothing only that I found two set of people who are the complete opposite of them. it is these act of kindness that remind me that the world is fuller by far with nice people then horrible people and we the 99% are those people -


I have posted the report on the laser on my blog 





I tried taking them to court to bring this to an end , all that happened was I was given the run around,
I am glad now they did that because had I won it would have given them cart blanch to do has they pleased because the only people who would have known is them, had I known the Internet was so powerful I would have saved my money and done this, the beauty of this is they will  never no who has looked at this blog and be able ti recognise the description of the pain they cause before they target them 
I hope people are saving bit and bobs of this blog in case it happens to them


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