Saturday, 17 May 2003

145 Letter to Hogan Howe 30-7-14 - time line before the boat which is 1997

yesterday I went in to my wardrobe to look for batteries and found my T.E.N.S pain relief and it brought a memories - my time line is before the boat which I brought in 1997 and after thing that happened before and things that happened after -
I was working as a home help and I walked I did not have a car or a scooter -
two thing happened at this time one I was walking back from one of my jobs and my walking got worse and worse when I did get back to my flat I lay on the floor inside the door and my son came with his wife and found me they thought I had collapsed
the other I had the same pain in my leg as I have now and went to the doctor and he thought it was to do with the mussel or a touch of arthritis and he gave me a tens to use to get rid of the pain- my Doctor was Doctor Yeats this is a pic of the surgery


 I lived in these flats at the time
The metropolitan police only have there pain machine and all they can do is repeat the same pain over and over again - the question is why and as we know there is no answer to a why question, I have gone over the last twenty odd years over and over again to try and work out how and why they choose me to do this to- and as of yet I have no answer -
My late brother got in to trouble in the 80's and I bailed him out and a policeman came to see if I had the money I owed my own house and he wanted to know how I had got it- I told him through hard work - the only other thing I did was go as a witness for some one in a driving case,


30-7-14 0040

my leg and knee this morning


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