Friday, 30 May 2003

153 Letter to Hogan Howe 2-7-14-


They  caused me so much pain this morning I could not get in the shower so I have had to have a good wash, I looked after old people for many years and none of the people I looked after ever had a bed sore because they were not looked after and if I took over from someone and found they had sores did everything I could to make sure they were on the mend before I left even if it meant staying on until the job was done
1 to me I think 
I made this soup yesterday and it is real nice because of the way i am forced to live I make sure that I have thing in the cupboard I can make a soup with, 

16-40 the men on duty have caused me as much pain as they can to-day I have just watched a video of a woman been beaten by some men as a punishment for whatever crime they thought she had committed, her suffering made me cry, I told the men on duty they were just like the men in the video, they disagree I have not had one day without pain since 2006 and before I no they were targeting me before then but can only prove it since 2006
17-71 the officer on duty at his time said that I should not think they will stop because I have posted the video below, and I said to him that I knew that because they would have to have a conscience to do that and if they had one they would not be doing it in the first place
he all so said that the pan they are causing me was designed to bring me down, when this first started they gave me choices that I could chose  to be blind or mantel impaired or disabled I chose to be disabled because as now they were doing all three, they told me it was the wrong choice as they were going to do it all, so he must have been inn this unit from  the start, 

this girl suffering made me cry 
Hogan Howe you and your officers are no different



my neck

my leg yesterday night 
there band of pain goes across my leg and in to my groin and place I can not show you

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