Thursday, 29 May 2003

153 Letter to hogan Howe 30-6-14 my bathroom

I have always been untidy but I have never been dirty, my stands have slipped the bathroom looked like a bomb had hit it and I could see the grim on the skirting boards and this has been causing me some distress, the problem is when you are been targeted you have to find ways around doing things while they are causing you pain, this morning I cleaned most of the bathroom while sitting on the loo at one time I would have just gone in and cleaned everything while standing in the blink of an eye it took me half an hour this morning,  the pain they are causing to the top of my leg is overwhelming but is stopping me doing thing as well, they always target my back when I do things and I have kind of found away around this, the pic below is more or less like my bathroom at the end of the bath I have a small unit that I keep hand towels in and soap and usual things you have in a bathroom, I use green J clothes in the bathroom and blue in the kitchen, 
so once again my bathroom is gleaming and I feel I have won a small victory 





when they cause you pain it is not isolated to the spot that they think they are causing it, when they hit a muscle it travels the length of the muscle and when they hit a nerve it travels the length of the nerve 
they are targeting the adductor longis and it causing pain like I hope no-body has to go through

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