Saturday, 31 December 2005

162 Letter to Hogan Howe breaking people 10-7-14

the fools you employ say they are trying to break me, I have a new label it is call torture does not work - I suggest with no respect what so ever that you take time off playing golf and take a peep, in the reports they say they are trying to break people when what they mean is they are trying to extract information under duress after all if you break someone mentally they would get nothing from them because there mind will have gone and any information would not be reliable,
which leads me to your problem I have no info that you want or need, I have not consorted with either terrorist or criminals, the only people I have spoken to who are suspect are the Metropolitan Police,
what you have done is get a group of people together who are like mind in other words like inflicting pain for their own pleasure, it would have been cheaper for you to send them to people who like that kind of thing because you must have spent a small fortune on this operation.
YOU see my problem because I have no info that you need I have nothing to trade to get you to stop, they keep saying they want me to take down my blog this I can understand but I will not do that because if I do they will cause me even more pain, after all you started doing this to me long before I was blogging - if you do not want me to post then stop what you are doing after all if you did not do I could not post it could I

                                                                         10-7-14- 0046



neck yesterday 

leg last night in bed they spent 1and half causing me pain

this was the back of my leg this morning they do not target there I think what is happening that they pain they cause effects all around my leg 
when they say they do not believe I am in as much pain as I am displaying I all ways that i hope some one stabs them in the leg and twist it around and it still would not be as painful



  1. From reading through your blog you imply that your having attacks of violence made upon you by the police by what I can only perceive as 'alien technology'.Am sorry but I truly find this all very surreal and somewhat untrue.

  2. if you had looked at my blog you will also have seen that I have found us patent numbers of weapons that could have been used, please look at the paten reports 69 and 70 they start to tell you ever thing you need to know about the Metropolitan police uk and weapons, I understand where you are coming from, until I complained about the police and ended up like this I thought they were all good guy and to be honest I wish I still did, In the paten report it ask if they can use non-lethal weapons covertly - find these weapons is not easy but I keep looking the only reason I blog is that I do not want this to happen to any other person if you look at the bottom of my list you will find blog by other people, thank you for talking the time to leave a comment