Saturday, 31 December 2005

163 letter to Hogan Howe 11-7-14-

     I will not take down my blog because when I have taken things down before they have got worse,
on one occasion they said if I took something down they world leave my eyes alone they did not stop - they say you have to do it first and then we will stop, they did not and went on to target my eyes even more

up date 2236 there are two men on duty and they have been a little better but are still targeting me every time I stand up and making my life difficult when I am sitting down they turn the pain down then when I stand up they turn it up once I am in the kitchen they turn it down again because they are afraid that I have an accident and will have to send for an ambulance

update 15-59 they have been targeting my leg all day when i get to go to the kitchen they increase the pain and how I have not fallen I do not know, one of the office said and quote ' when they find someone to complain to we will not know what has hit us' another offer said he thought they could be charged with cruel and inhuman treatment 'it is something like that -I would like the whole book thrown at them and much more


                                                                      11-7-14- 0112




in pain

pic taken through the night 
the pain out weighs the bruising I receive by 100 to 1 

1-19am top of my leg

my hip at 7-30am

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