Saturday, 31 December 2005

164 letter to Hogan Howe 12-7-14-

I am off to my sister for my breakfast as I do every Saturday -it is my turn to buy 
so yesterday I spent another day in pain and what did it get you nothing -time you woke up and realised you are not going to win

update 9am  - 11-30 I went to my sister this morning and while I was driving they it is a wonder that I did  not crash into another car, to hard to explain what happened,  they have no regard for anybody they would not have cared if any one had been killed as long as they got there cheep thrill, they said they wanted to know how good I could drive while they were causing me pain so the car will have to go, they turned the pain up so much at my sister that I could not move and have had to be brought home 
the pain they cause out weighs the bruising they make; when I was in bed last night the two men on duty wanted me to make video because they wanted to see if they could better then the one,s made the night before, I wounder how long they will carry on with this childish and pointless act of  violence 



my leg at 6-12
last night when I got in to bed they targeted my leg until I fell asleep with a different kind of pain it locked my legs together so I could not take my right leg off my leg leg - it felt as though my right leg was crushing my left leg 

my neck at 6-19 this morning

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