Saturday, 31 December 2005

168 Letter to Hogan Howe 16-7-14 so you are not afraid of me you should be

I did not post yesterday because I felt to ill because your men were proving to me that they are not afraid of me, they keep saying that people do not realise what they have been up against with me,
 they are all so trying to out do each other as to who can cause the most pain so the photos I take are worse then the person who has been on duty before them or they feel they have not achieved so have not taken any this morning, I have not been to bed for three nights because they target my legs and hip so have had to get up and sit in the chair all night so feel wiped out today
Let us think about the situation I am 68 and live alone and have stood up to you on my own I have not involved my family or anyone in this for there own protection and only have one weapon and that is my blog,
you on the other hand have spent a fortune on non-lethal weapons that you use covertly - when  you started this I drove from Rochester to Uxbridge police station and spoke to PS Paterson who was at the time Borough Commander Toland  personal assistance the man who stood behind her with his arm folded  trying to look the hard man was someone who I had seen many times before - in fact he was in this pub

I had a friend stay with me on the boat and we went there for a meal  there was then a log fire and they walked in and said that if they got it going could they sit around the fire we said yes and they made it blaze they even brought us drink when the pub closed they came back to the boat and had coffee I was not well and went and got in to bed and they left - what I did notice was that he kept chewing on indigestion tablets - the next day I went back to my mooring and my friend went home I can not say if it was that day or the next that I went to the shop up the road and saw the one I call the handbag snatch but I stopped him  and ask him to tell his friend to see a doctor because I thought he might be ill ( I have known three people who suddenly started chewing indigestion tables and it turned out they had the big C) I can not remember what he said, 
any way I told PS Paterson not to go up against me and she said that you all ways win and I told her not this time - you should have listened 
what ever the reason behind this so called operation it is an epic failure when you decide to take me on it was a case of mistaken identity that is all I can put it down to, 
we are all allowed one mistake I am your 
did you know that your happy band of fools spend a good deal of the day going through all the different charge that could be brought against them - I get the feeling they are as pissed off with you as I am only they have not got the balls to stand up to you I can understand this after all they noto well what you are capable of  and after all they have families 

pic taken this morning
my neck 

 my arm

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