Saturday, 31 December 2005

170 letter to Hogan Howe 19-7-14- BEEN IN HOSPITAL




I collapsed the day before yesterday with the pain they were causing me and cellulose's that is as you know an infection - what the police were putting there money on is that they would find that I had something wrong with my hips - and I have not - an infection dose not cause the kind of pain they have been putting me through  
last night they kept me awake most of the night in pain to my leg and the woman on duty said I can look forward to the same ever night - I think not - 
the other thing I found out was that when they were causing me pain my blood pressure went up and when they weren't it went back to normal
when the ambulance people arrived they stopped causing me pain in hopes they would not take me in to hospital but because of my age and the state of my legs they decide they need to, they took my blood pressure and it was OK up bu a little bit but that was because of the fall and I was upset
they took it again when I was in the ambulance and they were targeting my hart and the lady said she is a bit tack-e now -later when my sister was with me they took it again and they had stopped the pain it was normal -yesterday when they were causing me pain it went up  again
so I have now found out what I all ways thought even through the pain is manufactured by them it puts you understates dealing with it 

my leg this morning 
the photos  take do not real do the bruise they cause Justis 
on a scale of 1 to 10 there pain would be 10 +++++++++

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