Saturday, 31 December 2005

180 Letter to Hogan Howe 5-9-14- why are they worried about how much milk I drink

they seam to pick on some insignificant thing in the day and then just go on about it, this is because they have nothing to say to me that will bring me down, when people are hearing voice's they hear what is related to them that has been a life changing event and sadly it is all ways horrible that they feel guilty about,
I have had two horrible event in my life been raped and then of cause the Metropolitan police the difference is I do not feel guilty about either of them, I did nothing wrong when I was raped the men who did are guilty and with any luck it will have driven them around the bend with guilt she said hopefully,
I am not reasonable for the inadequacy of the metropolitan police and they fact they are instructional paranoid - they set up an operation to test there weapons out on anyone who stood up to them - there mistake was picking on me and not listening when i told them not to take me on because they did not know what they were getting 
they should have listened to late now because i am shouting and will do so until they back of and leave me alone 




this is what they are doing to me now because they think it will drive me mad the other part of my body they do this is between my leg 
why because they feel it will make me feel as though i am been raped all of the time
what it real dose is tell you more about them then me, after all what they are doing is only skin deep and they guilt is there's not mine and one day this will catch up with them and they will have to explain to there families the reason they chose to do this instead of making a difference to people lives in a good way

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