Saturday, 31 December 2005

181 Letter to Hogan Howe 6-5-13- pain to cause hart attack

when I got in to bed they stated causing me pain to the centre of my back and to my chest and tummy,when I made a video and said what had happened in the ambulance when they did this one of the office asked the other how would they know if they had gone to far, he said by then it would be to late, they want me to take down my blog but when they have said before that if i took down something they would leave my eyes alone they never even stopped, all day they have been targeting between my legs and under my bust, 
wonder if I will make it through the night some thing I wonder ever night because I know as soon as I get in to bed they will start on my head and chest and turn up the sensation between my legs as they have to night 


6-9-14- 0045

my hart

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