Saturday, 31 December 2005

184 letter to Hogan Howe 9-9-2014 - good house keeping

they make comments on how I store my food, if I buy a tray of 4 chicken legs I freeze them individual if I buy mince meat I divide this in to the amount I need, I do this with ever thing, if I cook to much I have lot of little dish and will freeze what is left over, when I make soup I make enough for 4 and freeze some, this is good housekeeping  my mum never had a lot of money but we never had a bad meal ever thing she cook was good, she used cheep cuts of meat as I do, they make comments all of the time about this and I do wonder if the woman have any housekeeping skills at all other then buying ready meals and I bet they are from Marks and Spense mind you if I was earning the kind of money they are I might be tempted to sneak in there now and again, When I was working and lived on the boat I did it was the nearest place to buy food in Uxbridge and by the time I got there I just wanted to go home, I use to leave my case with the man who sold the Big Issue while I shopped then got a taxi, the next day I would do a proper shop.



9-9-14- 0033

I had not even been to sleep at this stage because they were targeting my tummy to make me go to the loo which I though would block this morning as there so much paper down there -if I flush in the night it wakes up the lady down under me  

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