Saturday, 31 December 2005

239 letter to Hogan Howe 9-11-14- life is confusing at times

this is what my day is like ever day on top of this ever time I stand up they cause me pain to my legs and back 

in this video I am talking to them - the man on duty was saying he thought they had done to change thing around - I said that they hadn't and when I say they did not no they are telling a lie  they keep saying that they want me to stop posting and I have said that I can only post what they do if they did not want me to post they would leave me alone- they carry on because they think they will get away with it that is how arrogant they are and they all so keep saying they are only doing what they are paid for 


this is how I can hear them 
BBC audio spotlight 

this woody Norris he invented voice to skull

Barry Tower tells you what they can do with there weapons and when you hear him say they can target any part of your body with out leaving a mark you then start to understand the arrogance of the Metropolitan police








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