Saturday, 10 December 2005

185 Letter to Hogan Howe 10-9-14- the first thing to go in war is the plan

they have reduced the pain in my leg a bit this morning how long this will last I do not no -why- because some bright spark has decide that they feel they have made a bit of a mistake doing it in the first place, so instead they are causing me pain in my back as they did yesterday because when you walk with a stick this is bound to happen, the worrying thing is in other circumstance we deepened on them to protect us form the bad guys, let us hope against all odd they they have a few more brain cells then the torture squad  
when they started this I wonder if they had a plan or was it we will take each day as it comes and finger x that the target is as stupid as we think so we can go on until she dies,
they will be held accountable one day 

10-9-14- 0126


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