Saturday, 10 December 2005

230 letter to Hogan Howe 29-10-14-

they are still leaving my eye alone but are targeting my legs in the night one of the men on duty said the pain we cause to her leg wakes her up quicker then her eye it must be real intense we should stay with that ,
I was forever cleaning out the corner of my eyes because there was yellow stuff in them the other day the woman on duty said when I had cleaned them that it was the same stuff that was between my toes when they had targeted them, back in 2008 they were shooting yellow stuff in to my eyes and when I went to the hospital and had laser treatmentand a new lense put in the doctor found it and ask what I had been using on my eye I told him nothing I do not use eye make up she was worried the would find it behind my eyes if they carried on and I had to go the doctors with them






at the moment they are targeting my feet and legs 

I thing what is happening is that when they cause what I call the hard pain it makes a bleed under the skin 

my legs on the 29-10-14-

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