Saturday, 31 December 2005

214 letter to Hogan Howe 10-10-2014-

I walked to the little shop around the corner yesterday and went to the butches this morning, 

9-10-14- 1044





there weapons are quite refined and can target any thing if the make the bottom part of the halogen cooker cold it stops it cooking while the top browns 
hard  to believe I know but they can all so go the other way and burn things 
they have spent years burning my  lower leg when i am in bed yet when i get up they make me cold  
the problem is that with non-lethal weapons because they keep ever governments keep what they have and what they do a secret it is hard to find out about them 

this cook is only about 2 year old I brought it from curry in Huddersfield 
my sister was asking her daughter why the cooker had gone like this when the flat was not damp
when I put a cake in the slow down the cooking and then when i turned it up they burnt it,I all ways time everything and before they started doing this it cooked perfectly I am thinking of phoning Curry's and asking them to look at it 

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