Saturday, 31 December 2005

218 letter to Hogan Howe 15-10-14- pain to head to stop me posting all morning

They woke me with pain this morning and did not stop until after 1pm  they said they did not want me to post to-day and would not cause me extreme pain the fist time I went to stand up to go and put my slow cooker on they caused me extreme pain to the top of my leg , I all ways try and keep to these agreement and only post when they have gone back on there word the office at 16-34 who broke there collective word said he did because he thought it was to late in the day for me to post and he wanted to see how much pain it would cause to make me post well he knows how   

14-10-14- 2246

15-10-14- 0054



they targeted my thumb for most of the night 




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