Saturday, 31 December 2005

219 Letter to Hogan Howe - pain and the out come

one of the office said in the last few days that he felt they were safe because i could not prove what i was saying the other person on duty said he was wrong because if thing got he call sticky there own videos will prove I am telling the truth he then add what are we going to do say we did not keep them, 
they will have to prove when they were on duty and they will be matched to the videos they then will have to own them, some office are all ready worried about the out come of what they are doing 





my leg today they have been causing me extreme pain again to this leg and it bruise it and of cause stop me walking when i can not get from A to B they take delight in it

my thumb to day I did this on the on about the 6 -10-14- and it is not healing because they are targeting it all of the time so the wound is getting deep at least it is not bloody as for some reason what they are targeting me with dose not make it bleed 

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