Saturday, 31 December 2005

242 Letter to Hogan Howe 13-11-14-

yesterday they left me alone all day to make me think it was the end  I went around singing to make them think I believed them because I knew once I got in to bed they would start, they have all ways targeted me in bed and they all ways say it dose not count if it is in bed but the pain is just the same the results are just the same, as you can see by the videos 
they all so think it will shock me when they start again. I can remember right back in 2007 coming out of the drive of the woman I was looking after and them saying that they were going to stop at midnight if I they have said it once they have said it a thousand times, we have all so had the we are going to stop at Christmas , we are going to stop on her birthday and any other time you can think of, 
there is no pain they can cause me there is nothing they can say,  they have caused me pain to ever part of my body and made ever stupid remark they can think of 
the shock value went in 2007






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